WordPress 5.2.3 security and maintenance release is now available from wordpress.org

Version 5.2.3 is a security and maintenance release that features 29 fixes and enhancements.

These bugs affect WordPress versions 5.2.2 and earlier.

This security and maintenance release fixes them, so there is every good reason to upgrade.

If you haven’t yet updated to 5.2, there are also updated versions of 5.0 and earlier that fix the bugs for you.

WordPress 5.2.3 Security Updates

It also adds a number of security fixes—see the list below.

You can browse the full list of changes on Trac.

More info

For more info, browse the full list of changes on Trac or check out the Version 5.2.3 documentation page.

Version 5.2.3 is a short-cycle maintenance release.

The next major release will be version 5.3.