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WordPress 4.7 Vaughan

WordPress 4.7 Vaughan named  after American jazz singer and Grammy award winner Sarah “Sassy” Vaughan, was released by WordPress.org on december 6 2016.

WordPress 4.7 is a very interesting update – not the least because of the new default theme Twenty Seventeen, which we believe is the best looking default theme yet, as well as other feature updates.

New 2017 Theme – Twenty Seventeen

WordPress 4.7 Vaughan - New Twenty Seventeen theme. A-support.dk

As always, there is an all new theme enclosed in the new WordPress 4.7 Vaughan. The Twenty Seventeen theme is an elegant addition to the collection of default WordPress themes.

The new Twenty Seventeen theme includes unique new options for full screen images, header videos, widgets, social menus and more.

The layout makes it easy to create content sections, menus or anything else for more professional websites and the beautiful blog is perfect for sharing all of your thoughts.

It’s one of the best looking default themes in WordPress – we think!

Easy Theme Setup

WordPress 4.7 Vaughan introduces the option for theme developers to define sample content within the theme. This means that upon installation your theme can add sample menus, pages, posts and other content to help you get started faster.

It’s important to note that this is an all new feature so the number of themes offering it will be limited at the moment. However, we’re confident this is something you’ll see many free theme developers picking up and possibly premium themes too.

Fast Menu Building

Last update WordPress moved the menu builder into the customizer, and now you can add pages from the menu screen. No need to make pages then builder your menu, now you can add new page drafts while creating your menu so you can get everything right and add your content later.

Other Features

There are many other new features in WordPress 4.7 Vaughan. Here’s a list of some of the news that awaits you after updating:

  • Edit shortcuts in the live Customizer
  • Instant custom CSS previews
  • PDF file thumbnail previews (goodbye file icon!)
  • Dashboard language options for your users
  • Post type templates
  • REST API content endpoint inclusion
  • New hooks & functions for developers
  • And lots more – checkout the official WordPress 4.7 release article

Official release video from wordpress.org