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WordCamp US 2020 will be an online event

The Corona crisis has taken it’s tragic toll on our society with many deaths and many more seriously ill and hospitalized persons all over the world.

As a consequence authorities all over the word are either banning or recommending cancellations of large live events.

For the most part organizers have proven to be aware and responsible to the recommendations issued by local governments and health organizations.

The USA has in particular been hard hit by the Corona epidemic.

WordCamp US 2020 will be an online event

The organizers behind the WordCamp US 2020 have cancelled their planned live event.

The live event was scheduled October 27th 2020 to October 29th 2020 in St. Louis, Missouri.

Instead WordCamp US 2020 will be hosted as an online conference.

Like the upcoming WordCamp Europe WordCamp US 2020 will be an online event

The organizers of WordCamp US 2020 has posted an update about the current situation.

Here they inform about the decision and state that the online event will be 100% free to anyone who wishes to attend. 

The organizers of the WordCamp US 2020 have – like many other organizers – had to make some hard decisions about their venue:

For many weeks now, the WCUS organizing team has been working with WordCamp Central and local health authorities to try to make sense of the current COVID-19 pandemic and what it means for our event in St. Louis this October.

Throughout this, we have held the longterm health and safety of the WordPress community as the highest priority of our event.

To move forward in a way that honors what is best for our community – both locally and globally – we have made the hard choice to convert WordCamp US 2020 to an online only event.

WordCamp US 2020

Be sure to check the WordCamp US 2020 website for updates and details.

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