Theme review Themify Corporate

This review of Themify’s Corporate theme is as much a praise/review of Themify’s outstanding pagebuilder Themify Builder.

This theme review of Themify’s Corporate theme is as much a praise/review of Themify’s outstanding pagebuilder Themify Builder as it is a general review of one of Themify’s newest themes; Corporate.

Themify themes are based on a four-part set of Themify themes features; the Themify framework, the drag-and-drop page Builder, an extensive version of the WordPress customization panel and finally a nice set of shortcodes and widgets exclusive for Themify themes.

Themify presents the Corporate theme as:

a professional-looking multi-purpose theme that is based from our very own site

The Corporate theme from Themify is well suited as a basis for a business website, an agency website, a small business website or a personal portfolio. Corporate’s basic layout is built using on one of the Themify Builder’s central elements; full-width sections.

Full-width sections has been feature numero uno in website design for some time now and no matter what WordPress marketplace you go to, themes, pagebuilders and framworks all include and highlight full-width sections as a cornerstone feature… and sometimes as if they’re the only design element ever needed to build websites!

In that respect Themify’s Corporate is very much contemporary and it, (as all Themify’s themes) has much more to offer besides full-width sections.

Ready-mades: Layouts and Demos

WordPress newbies and beginners are sometimes overwhelmed, (we were when we started out…), by the complex structures and multitudes of options, elements and features of a professional commercial WordPress theme.

To help build and learn how to build exciting and good looking WordPress websites Themify themes include a number of pre-made Layouts and Demos that can be integrated on pages as they are, or they can be duplicated and re-designed, (we suggest you do that…), for whatever use needed.

Theme review Themify Corporate

Layouts function in many ways as ready-made page designs, but they can be utilized as layout parts on pages as well.

Theme review – Themify’s Corporate theme
The Corporate theme comes with set of built-in demo pages to further inspire and demonstrate the potential of the theme. Above are three of five demos from
Custom post-types: Team, Testimonials and Portfolio

The Corporate theme is a very good solution for creating a corporate website, an agency website, a portfolio for a photographer or a small business website.

The Corporate theme serves all purposes well – not least because of the built-in custom types in Corporate. Custom post types are great for creating website specific content like for instance a portfolio in a specific design and format.

There are three specific custom post types available in the Corporate theme, a Team post type, a Testimonial post type and a Portfolio post type.

Team Post Type


The Team Post Type feature can be used to profile employees and their employee data, such as name and rank. In the case above from the Corporate demo a progressbar section* has been added to show some employee skills.

Social profiles can be set individually for each employee and revealed as a hover function.

*Note that in order to get animation working Themify’s Progressbar add-on must be purchased and installed.

Testimonial Post Type


The Testimonial Post Type is a typical post type for showcasing your customer’s satisfaction or other types of testimonials.

This post type – as well as the other post types – can handle all features in the Corporate theme; shortcodes, Builder sections et cetera.

Portfolio Post Type


Portfolio features has become a de facto standard for any professional corporate style theme. Whether you’re planning an agency website, a small business website or a corporate website, a portfolio section is paramount.

A portfolio is your window to the world and the Corporate theme’s Portfolio post type makes is very easy to build a nice portfolio quickly.

From the extensive and well organised theme options panel in any Themify theme you can set a lot of options to show for instance your protfolio just right.


The portfolio can be set to display portfolio item in a grid structure much like the demo of Corporate theme and the grid layout can be set in two, three or four columns.

Grid items have an image hover effect that shows excerpts from the portfolio posts and a category filter option makes the portfolio in the Corporate theme worth mentioning.

Just can’t get enough – The Themify Builder

The Corporate theme comes packed with many elements and functionality needed to build a modern and contemporary WordPress website.

In fact, all Themify themes do! They do that in the form of the built-in Builder – which is a cross theme Themify solution.

Builder is also available as a standalone plugin-like add-on and there are no plugin dependencies when working with the Builder.

Through Themify’s excellent pagebuilder Builder you can integrate full-width sections, parallax features, light-box functionality, short-codes, sliders, CSS animations and more on pages, posts and in custom post types in the Corporate theme.

The Themify Page Builder is a classic drag and drop page builderand it’s actually one of the best among increasing number of builders available for website development in WordPress. It may not be the most advanced, or the one with most features and options, but it is a very well functioning page builder.

The Builder it self is made up of a number of layout modules and/or sections. Each section has a module specific content area and can be individually styled and adjusted in terms of margins, paddings, colors, fonts, CSS animations and more.

Needless to say; any page design in the Corporate theme can be modified by using the Builder’s drag and drop modules to construct custom page designs.

Themify Builder has been available for quite some time and must be one of the first well functioning builders. It’s available in all Themify’s themes both commercial and free. It’s one of the best builders we have seen and used.

Some will criticize the Builder for lacking building blocks and sections and yes it’s true; it’s not the Builder with most features and options. But for a page builder that’s free and comes as a built-in standard in all Themify’s themes, we think it’s just right.

Of course we would like to see more options and features added along the way – and probably there will be in the future.

We just can’t enough of the excellent Builder!
One Lightbox to rule them all – a small criticism

The hard-to-grasp image script is something we bother with almost daily. We understand that it is there for creating dynamic and responsive image sizes.

But the image script is interfering with the way the featured image (a WordPress core functionality) is handled and it puts restraints on how to apply a lightbox functionality to the featured images.

The Image script can be disabled totally which sends the theme back to WordPress core Featured image functionality.

It’s awkward that the image script dominates lightbox functionality for a featured image to a degree where both the featured image itself and it’s thumbnails result in lightbox functionality for both ruling out any linking to content.

We would like to be able to control more precisely what image should have lightbox functionality.

If you insert an image directly into the post using standard editor functionality then you miss out the features for sending thumbnails of the posts’ featured images to pages with a category grid view. If you on top of that use the lightbox feature for the posts’ featured images the category view stops working as intended.


The Corporate theme in our oponion is one of the best WordPress themes for building a wide range of website types; agencies, small businesses, photgrapher, artists and larger companies can all benefit from the Corporate theme.

The theme, the custom post types and the built-in Builder is not the theme with most features or options, but it’s well built and it just works.

The Themify framework is equally well done and modular. For users with the skills in place there are plenty of options to extend the theme by using the Hooks and custom Header and Footer code options in the Themify framework.

Every WordPress user from the absolute beginner to the seasoned expert can benefit from Themify’s Corporate theme.

We at are at a crossroads right now. Our own website (this one) is built using Themify’s free Basic theme and we feel we have brought it as far as it can go – or as far as we can make it go… and we just can’t seem to get enough of Themify’s solutions for WordPress.

We are considering to make a shift to the Corporate theme – that’s the best recommendation we can give Themify’s Corporate theme.