WordPress 5.1 Beta 1 - a-support.dk

WordPress 5.1 Beta 1

Version 5.1 will mark the end of an era in WordPress - and the beginning of a new.
WordPress 5.0.2 Maintenance Release - a-support.dk

WordPress 5.0.2 Maintenance Release

WordPress 5.0.2 is now available from wordpress.org. 5.0.2 is a maintenance release that addresses 73 bugs. The primary focus of this release is performance improvements in the block editor. The cumulated performance gains make it 330% faster for a post…

WordPress 5.0.1 Security Release

WordPress 5.0.1 Security Release

WordPress 5.0.1 was released this week, just a few days after the release of WordPress 5.0. The security release fixes seven security vulnerabilities, a few of which are quite serious. In today’s post we give you an overview of the…

WordPress 5.0 - when will it be? A-support.dk

WordPress 5.0 Release Plan

Matt Mullenweg has announced a plan for releasing WordPress 5.0 with a tentative estimate for a release candidate to ship in November 2018
WordPress 15th anniversary - a-support.dk

WordPress turns 15 years on May 27th

Still a youngster, but already doing a great job! May 27, 2018 is the 15th anniversary of the first WordPress release from wordpress.org. We can’t believe the way that WordPress has come since it’s initial start in 2003 – it’s…

WordPress 4.9.5 - a-support.dk

WordPress 4.9.5

WordPress 4.9.5 was released from wordpress.org yesterday. The WordPress 4.9.5 is a security and maintenance release